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Gypsum Powder Production Line

Gypsum Powder Production Line

1.Production scale:
10,000--200,000 MT/Year
2.Raw Material:
Content of CaSO4. 1/2 H2O in gypsum mine 80%
The grade of mine and the crystal configuration will influence the quality of semi-hydrated gypsum

3,Working principle
The main working principle for calcining system, of calciner
The main body of calciner consists of fine diameter intensive radiator pipes. Thermal oil fed into the coil pipes. The heat releases into power by heat exchanger. Roots blow installed at bottom of calciner for putting the cooling air into furnace by grid plate. the cooling air blows gypsum power in furnace for reaching boiling state. at certain temperature , the calcined gypsum power will lighten, and flow automatically to outlet. this type gypsum power is state in quality. it is easier to control the content of free water ,initial and final setting times.
Moreover, our equipments adopt dry electric precipitator, dust collection efficiency is over 95%.


4, Simple structure, durable equipment
The boiler does not need rotary components because the materials has come true fluidization. it simplifies the structure, manufacture and maintenance. in any case, the furnace will not damage since it uses low-temperature heat source. The life span is much longer than normal type.

5, Compact, space saving
Calciner is a kind of vertical equipment. The dust collector installed on the top of it as whole body. this design is good at space saving, and avoids moisture condensation on corona lines of dust collector.


6,Low energy consumption
Calciner consumes less electric energy and heat energy 
Heat energy(transfer to material from heat source): almost all of the heat energy efficiently served as dehydration for materias.only little is scattered by the calciner body, and used to heat the cooling air from the bottom of the fluidized oven. The heat efficiency of fluidized oven
N itself is above 95%.of course,calciner uses secondary energy. that is , the final heat efficiency is not the heat efficiency of fluidized oven itself. It is the heat efficiency of fluidized oven itself multiplying the heat efficiency of other boiler. However, the steam boiler or thermal oil furnace has higher heat efficiency as widely used thermal equipment. Normally steam boiler is 60-70 %. In addition, normally the thermal oil furnace is up to 70-80%.Therefore, the final heat efficiency is 57-67% if you adopt steam boiler; it is will up to 67-76% when you choose thermal oil furnace. the traditional calcining equipment uses primary source, but heat efficiency is no more than 50%.the index of heat consumption for fluidized oven is 7.7 x 105 KJ/t in china.
Power energy: rotary equipment and mixer are not necessary for calciner. The material completes fluidization by steam from gypsum dehydration. The power of air blower is smaller since it only needs a little air for fluidization for ths reason, calciner consumes less electric energy than traditional equipment.

7.Good product quality/ideal compositions/stable property
The phase transition of gypsum is stable because we adopt low-temperature heat source. finish product is nearly no raw gypsum, anhydrous gypsum only less than 5%, and the rest is semi-hydrate gypsum if the discharge temperature is suitable. The composition is ideal and physical performance is very steady.
Our company developed completely set of producing and processing kills on fluidized oven for satisfying the requirements. We adopt qualified steel as main material. For example, we adopt seamless steel tube(GB3087-82) as thermal oil pipes; we adopt special carbon steel plate and low alloy steel plate(GB 712-86) for oven; we adopt GB products on frame steel.

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