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Gypsum Ceiling Production Line

(Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tiles production line)


Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Production Equipment

According to shortage of Technical Person and labors in domestic and foreign, our company independently developed a set of new Gypsum ceiling tiles production equipment in 2015. This equipment can be less investment and quick returns. It is easy to handle, less labor and high output. It can be output about 1200 pieces for two workers per day, 360 000 pieces per year. It is the best choice for business investment.

Brief Introduction:
1. Constitution: The equipment is a semi-automatic equipment. One set includes ten units. One unit includes three templates.
2. Raw materials: Gypsum power, silicon calcium power, glass fiber and water.
3. Coagulation time: It takes about 20 minutes in normal temperature.   In higher temperature, it takes shorter time. On the contrary, in lower temperature, it takes longer time.
4. Package: Bulk in container.


The main characteristics of plaster ceiling:
Fire retardant, green harmless
Heat Insulation, moisture proof and waterproof
Sound-absorbing noise reduction, light weight ,Anti-crack
Never discolored, Perfect hand feel
Convenient to install, easy to maintain

You can see the equipment details in this link:https://youtu.be/1iLV0LgmuSc

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